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Chelyabinsk Meteorite

After the meteor exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia in February 2013 I was contacted by one person who said there was a connection between this phenomen and something what happened in the sky in February of 1959 when the Dyatlov Group died.

Certain meteor showers occur during the exact same month and days every year (see, for example, the Leonids in November and the Perseids in August which are among the most intense meteor showers of the year). Also in the case of a major meteor shower the ‘radiant’ (the point from where the majority of meteors appear to come from in the sky) is the same every year.

This made one Russian, Michael Budarin to come up with a theory that a celestial body was responsible for the event. Below is his explanation:

Maslinokov remarked “the tent was stretched on skis and sticks that had been planted into the snow, and its entrance faced South. From the South the apex was intact but the apex poles had been ripped out at the North end causing it to collapse and later to be covered by snow.  There was not too much snow, just what had accumulated from snowstorms during the weeks of February”. It is interesting that the weather records for the Ivdel region on the day of the deaths, do not indicate snow. The precipitation was less than 0.5mm. The wind was Northern or North West at less than 1-3 metres per second. There was no recorded snow storm or hurricane. This means that the wind, whose highest peak was 3 m/s (=11 km per hour) could not affect the end poles of the tent, especially since they had so effectively shielded it with snow barriers. In its deep hole the tent caught no wind and could not act as a sail.  The ropes were observed to be strong and would have required a major blast to have knocked them down.

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Chelyabinsk Meteorite