A real story that happened in Russia in 1959


The mystery of Dyatlov Pass

This true story is the centuries most macabre mystery. What happened that February night in the Ural Mountains of Russia will send a shiver down your spine. Read it!

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As a respected correspondent for The Moscow Times back in 2008, Svetlana Oss plied her trade while rearing her young child.

Although accustomed to uncovering fascinating stories from the rapidly evolving, post-perestroika culture that defined the new Russia, she never expected her 2008 tale of the hush-hush proceedings surrounding the intriguing Dyatlov Pass event to outlast that week's fish and chips. Instead it has reverberated around the world, spawning numerous books, blogs, speculations, and even a horror film. Svetlana always knew she would want to write a book of her own, but she only wanted to do that once she had sorted out and analyzed all the relevant facts. She completed "Don't Go There" in 2013 after retracing her original investigations back to Igor Dyatlov's hometown, where she looked for an answer to one of Russia's most inexplicable mysteries.

Svetlana has worked as an editor and journalist for various Russian media. Currently she is a full time writer. In 2012 she published in Russian her first full-length book: "A Thousand Years in a Day" a narrative of her dissident mother's youth in the Soviet era.

She also writes for children. Her chronicle of the adventures of a teenage girl, Zdravka, sold 100.000 copies in Russia. Zdravka uses superpowers to make the world a healthier place for children to grow up in. Svetlana is currently working on a sequel that follows Zdravka through even more very unusual adventures.

Svetlana majored in Russian Language and Literature at Tver State University. Previously she had studied medicine and spent time as a nurse in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. She now lives and writes in Eugene, Oregon, where she pursue her Masters degree in Russian studies.

A real story happened in Russia in 1959

Don't Go There

The mystery of Dyatlov Pass

All of Russia knows the story. Nobody knows the truth.
Nine wholesome University students mountaineering in the Urals go missing, and are later uncovered from the snows of a bleak forest's edge in the Siberian Taiga, in a series of grisly discoveries. Why were the climbers wearing no boots? Why were stout branches of the forest pines singed to a height of thirty feet? What were the mysterious markings in the bark of nearby trees? What was so-called "overwhelming force" that was capable of breaking eight ribs in a single blow without bruises? Why the KGB infiltrated all the search parties and attended the funerals? Why the clothes were tested for radiation?

In the first reportage to be published in the English language, The Moscow Times' meticulous coverage presented the existing versions that have proliferated over fifty years, carefully sifting each idea, from mad guesses by superstitious nuts, to reasoned findings of the official investigation. Packed with a wealth of original material and authentic glimpses of Russian life in the 1950's, this book the only really forensic book on the subject. Here one can find human insight into the personality of one of the climbing team and a visceral explanation of why her dead body was missing the tongue. This is also the first book in English to reveal the original autopsy reports.
Now Svetlana Oss formulates the true answer.
New information, new analysis, new intelligence - the answer will astound you.

«I am sure that nothing else that I have written has ever made such a noise in the world, and no wonder. This mystery has an invariable and puzzling quirk: at least one circumstance is inevitably contradicted by some other. Not a single explanation out of the many is able to conquer the riddle ─ there is always at least one fact that completely ruins whatever theory one prefers. This excites people. It excites me.»
─ Svetlana Oss

The book DON'T GO THERE is available both at the iTunes Store and Amazon Store:


Real ratings and reviews from the Amazon Store

─ UK ─

Most exciting reading ever

By Alexandra H on April 21, 2015
«I bought this kindle edition of the book and couldn't put it down. It contains some exclusive content that was translated from Russian specially for the book. Without spoiling it for anyone interested in reading it, I'd have to say that it is the most logical scenario to have taken place and the best analysis of the actual evidence. I think it is very likely that it is what happened. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in mysteries.»

A damned good read about a cursed expedition

By pictishpunkgirl on July 7, 2015
«This updated version has very detailed autopsy reports on all the hikers. The reports outline every injury sustained, condition of bodies, state of health etc. The book itself is well written and the theory of what happened to the hikers is very convincing. The other Dyatlov Pass books did not convince me. Anyone who has read the Donnie Eichar and Keith McCloskey books should read this too for an alternative theory.»

─ USA ─

Svetlana Oss's "Don't go there" is a great read!

By Adrian Lyakhuon on January 9, 2016
«This is a complete and fast-moving book. I loved how the author goes into great detail about forensic matters - no other book actually does it. It contains loads of original material and even Post Mortem reports translated to English. The final solution makes very, very good sense to me. I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read this book but I believe the author's possible solution is the best one offered so far. I enjoyed reading it immensely.»

Read it!!!

By Randall Smithon on July 9, 2015
«I think it's about the best attempt out there to "Tie up" the loose ends of the Dyatlov Pass incident. Very good writing and a lot of new details and makes some order in mind after you read all the stuff in the internet.»


The ultimate read on the Dyatlov Incident

By Von Ippolit23 on September 13, 2015
«After Donnie Eichar's compelling book on the Dyatlov incident it seemed like nothing could ever top that or even offer as convincing a completely different solution to the mystery. But this book manages to go beyond that and appears to be the best researched one by far, leaving no detail without regard. This is as thrilling a story as only a dark truth can be. Goosebumps guaranteed!»


Da leggere assolutamente...

By A. Pedriali on Giugno 9, 2015
«Dei diversi libri che ho letto su questo argomento, il libro di Svetlana Oss e' il piu' intrigante e coinvolgente. Si basa su informazioni di prima mano, ben raccolte, organizzate ed analizzate e la conclusione a cui l'autrice arriva e' la piu' verosimile e convincente che ho letto finora. Assolutamente raccomandato!»

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