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Svetlana Oss

I’m a Russian writer and investigative journalist. I’ve published numerous articles in The Moscow Times, The St.Petersburg Times and in The New York Times.

In 2012 Russian leading publisher EKSMO published my first full-length fiction: “One Life Narrative“.

I got a passion for investigating Soviet era mysteries, and transforming them into easy to read, exciting, yet informative literary work. Although accustomed to uncovering fascinating stories from the rapidly evolving, post-perestroika culture that defined the new Russia, I never expected my 2008 tale of the hush-hush proceedings surrounding the intriguing Dyatlov Pass event to outlast that week’s fish and chips. Instead it has reverberated around the world, spawning numerous books, blogs, speculations, and even a horror film.

I always knew I would want to write a book of my own, but I only wanted to do that once I had sorted out and analyzed all the relevant facts. I completed “Don’t Go There” in 2013 after retracing my original investigations back to Igor Dyatlov’s hometown, where I looked for an answer to one of Russia’s most inexplicable mysteries.

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