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The Controversial Shots

There is one controversial shot ─ the 34th frame from Krivonishenko’s film.

The picture was taken with Zorky camera and he probably used a tripod bs the camera was found attached to it.

I also own one Zorkiy camera. Some have speculated that the photograph was taken with a standard Zrokiy Industar-22 as in bright specks 8 borders are clearly seen and there are eight pedals of the diaphram of the lens. The photo was taken with a covered diaphragm and most likely not with an extended tube. This supports the assumption that the frame was randomly taken by a forensic expert to rewind the film back into the case, as the unit was stored loaded.

Here is what my online friend Alessandro Fabbri says. “My father was born in 1931 and it’s a longtime photography enthusiast. In 1950 circa he bought a Leica IIIa, which happens to be exactly the model upon which the Zorki cameras, the one used by our friends hickers, were based. The lens are fully collapsable, so in order to start to take pictures you have to extract the lens. When the lens is fully out, in the moment you aren’t able to extract it anymore, you must turn the lens a little until the lens comes a little more out, then turn it backward until you lock the lens itself and it secures firmly. When I was young my father allowed me to use his camera and very often, while taking a pic, I extracted the lens but forgot/didn’t verify that the lens was fully pulled out. Why I’m telling you this? Because the resulting pictures are similar to the last picture taken by our friends. I mean, there was a rounded shaped frame inside the picture and the picture was blurred even if I measured the focus correctly. Yuri Kri saw something but in the excitement of the moment he didn’t have the time to verify the full extraction of the lens. Thus, even if the object was very far and he set the focus correctly to infinite, the picture resulted blurry in that exact way. Hope this helps to better understand the 33 frame”.

He adds “I’m aware about the procedure to rewind the roll inside the Zorki camera (presh the snapshot button, keep it pressed and rewind the roll)… I actually don’t believe that this kind of illumination could have been obtained in a studio…”

Actually I also think that the frame is real and not taken by accident. The picture shows a quickly guessed trajectory of a glowing object, which leaves behind a luminous trail. In the center of the shot is the usual glare from a bright object. The curved band at the bottom is a technical defect in the film. The shot was most likely taken in an open area during the night, and not in some sort of building, as the strong light from the object would have partially illuminated what was inside. There is nothing like that in the photograph.

During the first seconds and minutes at the start of the catastrophe, it appears that one of the men left the tent to urinate. He then perhaps saw an unusual celestial body in the sky and asked someone to pass him the camera. He then took a picture, but realised that the object was approaching too fast.

There is also one more “last shot” found in another film. Boris Bychkov (a fellow UTI student who was a friend of the group) was given all the film from the group’s cameras to develop in Ural Technical University’s laboratory. Bychkov says that he saw the full films before they were cut into pieces of 6-7 pictures. On one of the pictures, at first there is a shot had been taken by the Dyatlov group themselves, and then one of their dead bodies in the morgue, i.e., this same camera was used by the Dyatlov group and by those who were present in the morgue. This is a completely normal situation for those years, when people used what was at hand to make photographs. When the film was cut into several pieces, the 26th shot was together with the photograph of the dead bodies. This occurred because at the time Bychkov did not pay attention to the frame, as he considered it to be spoiled. Thus, the last frame made on the mountain slope became the first in the cutting “from the morgue.” Thus it turns out that both final frames — the 34th frame from Krivonishenko’s film and the 26th frame from this film (assumed to be Slobodin’s) — captured some sort of glowing object. In the first example, the shot was taken with a tripod; the second was taken by hand and is thus blurred. Here is how it looked like…

It seems like both pics were taken at the same time but for the 34th Krivonischenko used tripod and for the 26th Slobodin didn’t.

Recently the Dyatlov Foundation released more than 30 shots of different glowing objects taken with different cameras. This means that the event lasted at least 1,5 – 2 min which also means it was very far from the group, like 300 km away and thus couldn’t hurt them. Had the objects been closer to the tent, they would have been observed just for several seconds before they were gone and we haven’t had these 30 shots in several cameras. These 30 shots are what we have and it might be there are yet other shots that are not available still.

This can  possibly exclude the rocket theory And so many shots of the dark sky speak there was something to observe in the sky.

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