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The Otorten News

There is an interesting document, which is a typewritten copy of an improvised newspaper called the Otorten Evening News. There is evidence that this spoof newspaper, the Otorten Evening News, found in the group’s tent, had been created by the hikers themselves for fun.

It’s believed that the student’s humorous news sheet was pinned to the inside of the tent, but none of the rescue party stated seeing it. However, Moses Axelrod, who shared a tent with Ivanov, later wrote in his memoirs that Ivanov showed the original to him.

There was one rather strange paragraph: “…lately in scientific circles there has been a very lively debate about the existence of Yeti. According to the latest data, the snowmen live in the Northern Urals, in the area of the Otorten Mountain“.

Together with the last but one shot from Tibo’s camera (above) this passage makes some think the group had an encounter with a snowman.

It is important to keep in mind that the document we are talking about had a character of a joke. The tradition of creating this kind of ‘newspaper’ was typical of that time. In every school and institution, the students regularly made posters with headings articles and drawings. The point was to present news, or a social problem, in a satirical way, and was a popular method to gently hint at some criticism, or to bring something of interest to light.

What is certain is that a copy of something was included in the papers for the criminal prosecution. It isn’t known who made the copy, and the document they copied appears to have vanished, but the circumstantial evidence is that the original document is indeed a spoof newspaper that Dyatlov and his team made, not long before all hell broke loose.

The full document translated into English is available in my book “Don’t Go There: A Solution to Dyatlov Pass Mystery“.

The significance of the spoof newspaper is this: it is almost certainly the very last thing the group members wrote before their deaths. Also, the creation of the Otorten Evening News suggests there was a normal atmosphere in the group, where they could tease each other without danger of being misunderstood. Also it speaks for the fact it was not too cold inside of the tent and the weather conditions outside were not too harsh and scaring.

As for the shot above I think it is somehow related to yet another one…

I am of opinion that maybe after shooting something close-by Tibo didn’t not “reset” his Zorky camera to infinity.

What do you think?

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