April 29, 2015 ,

Unidentified Footprint

There was a print of a boot at the scene. This seems rather starnge, considering that the students left the tent barefoot or in their valenki. Some think it was an army boot or a third party footprint. If you read the full autopsy report of Zolotariov which is available in the red cover version of my book, you will see that Zolotariov had “Black quilted felt boots with leather soles with woollen brown socks in them“.

This is how I translated a Russian word БУРКИ which is a name for a certain kind of boots. You can google images for БУРКИ.

And it is understandable why the rescue group was confused with this footprint; because they saw it in March when all thefound bodies were barefoot or in Valenki. But Zolotariev with his boots was found only in May.

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