July 26, 2015

It wasn’t a Cover Up

Why I don’t believe that the Dyatlov Pass incident was a cover up

On May 16th, 1972 the АN-24 plane of Baltic fleet crashed over the city of Svetlogorsk, Russia. It fell upon the kindrgarten and caused death of 24 kids and 9 adults including the crew. The plane came from the sea and  first flew over Central Park where people were walking. There was a speculation that it had a problem with altimeter. It cut the edge of a birch tree, than drifted for sometime above people and crashed onto the kindergarten.

This horrible story was a secret for 40 years. It help us to understand 2 things concerning the Dyatlov Pass mystery.

1) How the authority would normally handle the incident

2) How low drifting of an aircraft and toxic fuels would affect people

There are some survivors and eyewitnesses who shared the following information with the Moscow Komsomolets newspaper on May 16th, 2014.

Folks said they felt a horrible heat and had difficulty breathing but still they were ok. Those less lucky who found themselves at the point right next to the kindergarten where the plane got really low, they were immediatelyin flames. Their hairs, clothes, shoes.

I don’t think that the Dyatlov Group was affected by a rocket fuel or any other aircraft crash and why I think so one can read here.

The people inside of the kindergarten died in flames as well. Below is the drawing of the incident made by a boy who came to the scene one of the first

The group of kids who died

Now let us look how the state handled the whole situation. In my book devoted to The Dyatlov Pass I have already explained the reasons for secrecy and the attitude of  the authorities who wanted to silence the whole incident at any cost BEFORE they could investigate it and find answers for themselves.

a) It took authorities ONE NIGHT to erace the tracks of the tragedy. The very next morning on the place of the kindergarten there was a huge flowerbed and all the area around was neatly covered with greensward.

b) For the next 24 hours all the citizens were forbidden to leave the city. More than that, they were obliged to stay at their homes. Electricity and telephones were CUT in every apartment (there were no mobile phones at that time)

c) The KGB people were present at funerals looking that no one took any pictures. The one below was found recently in one private archive. At the day of funerals all the traffic that normally was on the roads around the city was banned in order to prevent any arrivings to the city. Trains were cancelled “for maintenance reasons”. The number of people in attendance however was more than 7000 approximately.

d) All the official participants of the 1972 incident like soldiers and rescue team signed a non disclosure agreement. The military officials responsible for the failure were fired.

e) KGB offered the families and survivors all possible assistance in solving their problems in exchange for total silence. We know that they approached Dytalov’s team realtives in the same manner offering them help in exchange for burrying their kids in a bed of honor out of Sverdlovsk (in Ivdel) but parents refused. That is to say that KGB would rather buy people than kill them in an akward situation. And here how they acted when it was really about a mistake of military air fleet.

Had Dyatlov group stumbled upon some big state secret, the intelligence services would act in a similar way. It would be cheaper and more professional than killing them and later spend enormous amount of mony to search for them. KGB  people were whatever you want to call them, but they were professionals.

So ruler number one – no publicity before the authorities know what any tragic case is about. Ruler number two – no publicity after they will find out what it has been about. The main goal for such an approach is described in my book: “In the USSR everything was supposed to be good. Planes weren’t supposed to crash, crimes weren’t supposed to be committed”

When all is said and done, the theories that the nine students camping on the mountainside were killed by some sinister military intervention are very far-fetched, though not as far-fetched as some of the other theories, which vary from science-fiction to being simply absurd. There seems to be something in the human mind which enjoys piecing together improbable conspiracy theories.

I updated my book, explaining step by step why the investigator Ivanov acted the way he did and that the authorities had no information about the incident but what Ivanov told them. And he told them that there were some flying speres involved.The rumours of flying objects and secret weapons tests were on the lips of many people. The government didn’t want these rumours to be spread. Why? Because the area was full of military plants and some guys like Gary Powers liked it to fly there time after time:-)

By the way, the plane AN-24 that crashed on May 16th of 1972 was trying to figure out how Norwegian jets (not military ones) manage to fly in the Soviet aerial territory without being spotted by Soviet radars.

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  • This is very interesting. It’s the first I’ve really read up about this incident. I will read more about this. Incredibly sad, too

  • After looking, there seems to be limited information available about the plane crash incident.

    But I noticed some conflicting information. It is mentioned in this article that 24 children and 9 aldults were killed. However, in another article I read it states 22 children and 3 teachers lost their lives. Although, this is not relevant on this occasion because this plane crash incident is used as example of how USSR authorities operate in such situations, I just wondered what the actual loss of life was? I would like to read further into this.

    ……and I’m sure Gary Powers loved to fly in the area.

  • My info is based on the Russian newspaper article and I didn’t research the incident myself so far. The story I cited says that there were 24 kids killed actually, 23 were burried together and one girl, the 24th, was burried later bs her father was a high ranked captain who was not present in the city at the day of the funeral. He asked to let him bury his girl later as soon as his ship comes back home to Svetlogorsk. 8 adults were on the plane and 1 woman teacher, they died on the scene immediately.Two more women who worked in the kindergarten died in the hospital bs of their burns. One of them actually lived yet another half a year before she died. So actually 11 adults died, 3 of them were the kindergarten staff

  • Of course, taking into consideration the people on the plane. I assumed wrongly the “…9 adults…” referred to the casualties on the ground only.

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