March 21, 2011

Russian Women’s Day

Photo: Reuters

Have you heard of  so-called  “women’s day” in Russia?

Generally on March 8th Russian men give Russian women  flowers and gifts. No man in the whole country would dare break the tradition: one can possibly be forgiven if forgot brining his wife flowers for her birthday but there is no forgiveness for the one who haven’t brough her a flower and a perfume for March 8…

It is really funny to observe Russisan men on 8th of March… Even miserable alcoholics put in heroic effort and use money reserved for vodka to buy that one evil  flower…

And around this time I planned to visit my sister in Germany. Yes, her German husband is in trouble: instead of one woman to please he will have a headache of making happy the two!!!  But this is the price he has to pay for all Germans:

Why not, really. It was a German revolutionist Clara Zetkin who established the 8th of March. It was German idealism that stimulated Russian philosophy’s start, it was Hegel who inspired russian social and religios thinkers, and no need to mention that Marx should be credited for Russian communism…

So one flower is quite a modest payment for all this, right???

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