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The Controversial Shots

There is one controversial shot ─ the 34th frame from Krivonishenko’s film.

The picture was taken with Zorky camera and he probably used a tripod bs the camera was found attached to it.

I also own one Zorkiy camera. Some have speculated that the photograph was taken with a standard Zrokiy Industar-22 as in bright specks 8 borders are clearly seen and there are eight pedals of the diaphram of the lens. The photo was taken with a covered diaphragm and most likely not with an extended tube. This supports the assumption that the frame was randomly taken by a forensic expert to rewind the film back into the case, as the unit was stored loaded.

Here is what my online friend Alessandro Fabbri says. “My father was born in 1931 and it’s a longtime photography enthusiast. In 1950 circa he bought a Leica IIIa, which happens to be exactly the model upon which the Zorki cameras, the one used by our friends hickers, were based. The lens are fully collapsable, so in order to start to take pictures you have to extract the lens. When the lens is fully out, in the moment you aren’t able to extract it anymore, you must turn the lens a little until the lens comes a little more out, then turn it backward until you lock the lens itself and it secures firmly. When I was young my father allowed me to use his camera and very often, while taking a pic, I extracted the lens but forgot/didn’t verify that the lens was fully pulled out. Why I’m telling you this? Because the resulting pictures are similar to the last picture taken by our friends. I mean, there was a rounded shaped frame inside the picture and the picture was blurred even if I measured the focus correctly. Yuri Kri saw something but in the excitement of the moment he didn’t have the time to verify the full extraction of the lens. Thus, even if the object was very far and he set the focus correctly to infinite, the picture resulted blurry in that exact way. Hope this helps to better understand the 33 frame”.

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The Controversial Shots