October 13, 2016

Directions and co-ordinates




The original drawing by Eugene Maslennikov.  The inscription reads: 350 to the height 1023.(the arrow pointing left); to the BROOK 40 (the arrow in the middle), to the STONE 90(the arrow pointing right)


Co-ordinates of the tent

We don’t have the exact co-ordinates for the tent. All we have is drawings and general co-oridinates for the Dyatlov Pass ( 61˚ 45ˊ 17ˊˊnorth latitude и 59˚ 27ˊ 46ˊˊ east longitude).  I found the radio message from the rescue head quarter in which they ask to specify the c0-ordinates of the labaz (the storage) but there is no indication of the tent co-ordinates.


The direction in which the students walked presented is the later drawing of Michael Sharavin (dated 02.27.1999), the first person to see the abandoned tent.



The red arrow is the direction to the cedar (the inscription), the green one is a direction to the ravine. The footprints indicate that from the tent the group was heading in the direction of the ravine. But there is a problem with the arrows in this diagram. The angle of the red and green arrows is > 35º. Given the distance to the cedar/ravine is 1.6km, this angle would separate the two (cedar and ravine) by almost a kilometer, but we know they were only 75m apart. However, Sharavin just made a sketch and a purpose of it was to show that the group was heading in the direction of the ravine.

Below is the drawing from the Criminal Case. The drawing was created before the last 4 were found but it presents the position of the tent, the cedar and the first 5 bodies (they are marked like x with the first letter of the last name of the person found). It is seen below that the brook is 70 meters on the left from the cedar (looking from the tent) and there is nothing on the left side.


There is sometimes a confusion about this fact and there is info in some books that the ravine was on the right from the cedar.  But below is yet another drawing from the Criminal Case (p.77) which was made later when the last four were found. Try to find the tent on this sketch and see the 3 dashes indicating Slobodin, Kolmogorova and Dyatlov bodies. Than you see the cedar and 2 more dashes for Doroshenko i Krivonishenko. And than there is a word ТРУПЫ  (corpes) and 4 dashes for the last 4 bodies. Again they are seen more like on the left from the tent (the scale is too small to see the 70 meters but we laready saw it on the previous drawing that it was 70 meters there from the cedar to the brook in the ravine)


There are some modern independent travelers who approach the site from another side which changes the whole picture. For instance, there were some expeditions that claimed that the cedar was no longer there while it was perfectly there in its original place. The video I offer you is shot during the expedition with the Head of the Dyatlov Foundation Yuri Kuntsevich (you see him in the center) who visited the area many times.

So it is more or less clear with the directions. The main question remains – did the Dyatlov group know where they were going or it was something or somebody who made them heading there?  Probably, the group had not a specific destination planned upon leaving the tent given the state of emergency that was at hand.  There are two reasons to suppose so –  first, they were not going in the direction of their labaz (storage) where they could get some extra items. Second, given the time of night, they could not see the cedar or ravine. They were simply taking the most direct route off of the mountain.  But once they got closer to the edge of the forest they most likely headed for the ravine to make a shelter to try and survive whilst they assessed their situation. A fire at the edge of the woods (that is, under the cedar) would not have been a survival option.  This is an important point because it speaks for the fact that the climax took place in the ravine, not under the cedar.

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